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Individual Classes

Any of the courses in our course catalogue are available for individual purchase. To apply for any course, simply click on the course title.

While there are no pre-requisites to any of the courses, students should have a passing familiarity with musical notation, music theory, and notation software. If a student does not have these qualifications, they may struggle to keep up with the content. It is recommended that students who are not familiar with music theory or notation software learn these before enrolling in this program. Vocaversity offers an individual course that reinforces this material, but the course is not part of the any program and must be purchased separately. For a list of resources, click here.

Individual Class Registration

For a description of any of our courses, click here to go to the catalogue.

A cappella History

A cappella Production Techniques

A cappella Rehearsal Techniques I

A cappella Rehearsal Techniques II

Arranging I

Arranging II

Arranging III

Arranging Seminar

Aural Skills I

Aural Skills II

Aural Skills III

Choral Literature and Composition

Commercial Voice Lessons

Competition 101

Group Rehearsal Techniques

History of Rock


Jazz Theory

Lyrical Interpretation: Authenticity and Inclusion

Music Education Technology

The Music of Disney

The Music of Pentatonix

Music Theory and Notation

Organic Arranging

Sibelius 101

Solo Interpretation

Video Production 101

Vocal Jazz Arranging

Vocal Percussion

Weird Al Yankovic and the Art of the Parody

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