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Is Vocaversity a college? Can I receive a degree here?

No, Vocaversity is not an accredited college, though we hope to be someday. Our certificates cannot be substituted for college degrees, nor can enrollment in the school qualify as a college course. However, certificates can be used to fulfill professional development requirements and online learning initiatives. 

How are courses run?

Courses are held at specific times during the week, much like a regular college would schedule classes. All classes are live and held over video conferencing apps, such as Zoom or Google Meet. 

Programs and Registration

How do I apply for a program?

On the home page, click on the certification program you are most interested in. Or, simply click here.

What's the difference between the certification levels?

Our Minor level offers 4-5 courses in the program of your choosing and can be completed entirely within one year. Our Major level offers 6-8 courses in the program of your choosing and can be completed entirely within two years. Our Graduate level includes every course in our catalogue and can be completed entirely within four to five years.

Can I make my own program based on classes I want?

YES! This is called a Hybrid program. Click here to learn more.

If I don't like some of the classes in my program, can I substitute?

Unfortunately, no. These programs were designed with very specific courses to ensure the best possible outcome. However, within some programs, there are several opportunities to choose between two courses.

You can easily make your own hybrid program with any courses you like. Click here to learn more.

Once I apply for a program, how do I register for courses?

Once you register and pay, you'll receive instructions on how to log into the registration system. There, you can keep track of what courses you still need to take and sign up for courses in the next semester.

What is the registration system?

Vocaversity uses Coursestorm, an online Learning Management System. On this website, you can register for courses, check the status of your courses or program, and make payments if necessary.

Can I add courses to a registered program?

While the programs are determined by specific courses, you can absolutely take other courses as well. Any course in the catalogue can be purchased individually.

Can I switch programs after I've already registered for one?

YES! One of our instructors will help you determine which program is best for you and if any of the completed courses will count in the new program. If additional courses are needed, you will have to purchase those class vouchers.

If you've registered for a Major program and want to switch to a Minor program, that is possible as well. One of our instructors will contact you about how to change programs and how to receive a refund for unused vouchers.

How does the group program work? Does every group member have to pay the registration fee?

If a group wishes to take classes together, then the entire fee must be paid, which covers all individual fees. This can be achieved by each individual member paying for themselves, or one large group payment.

Group courses work best when all members of the group attend the class. Some courses are specifically designed to work with a group setting, and therefore won't allow individuals to register without a group. 

Payment and Financing

How does purchasing work?

All purchases are made on Coursestorm. Once a course is paid for, you will receive a voucher with an access code for each class. If someone purchases a program, they will receive instructions on how to register for the courses contained within.

Why is there a different price for each course?

The price for a course is determined by several factors including but not limited to: class size, number of class hours, amount of information taught within the class, and which instructor is teaching the class.

Can I pay for a program in installments if I cannot pay the full price upfront?

Yes. We can set up a payment plan with regular payments suited to your needs. However, the full amount must be paid before you can receive your certificate of completion or register for the last remaining course.

I've purchased my vouchers, but I don't want to continue. Can I get a refund?

Yes. One of our instructors will contact you and help you receive a refund for unused courses. However, refunds are not offered to classes you've already enrolled in after the first week, also known as the add/drop period.

If I miss one of the classes, can I make it up? Will I get a refund?

Class make-ups are assigned based on the discretion of the instructor. Instructors are not required to give make-up classes. Once a student has registered for a class, and the add/drop period has ended, no refunds will be given, regardless of how many classes are missed.

Will the classes be videotaped and available for viewing for the general public?

Course Requirements

Unfortunately, no. All classes are conducted live and only registered students have access. If you are looking to take a pre-filmed course, please click here to access one of our educational partners, A cappella Masterclass.

What materials will I need? Is there specific software or books I have to buy?

Every class has its own requirements. Though instructors have been asked to refrain from assigning unnecessary supplemental materials to keep costs low, there are classes that are impossible to teach without the proper materials. For the arranging classes, free notation software is available online. For the recording classes, the students will need their own copy of a DAW such as ProTools or Logic. If students are unable to purchase these materials, course substitutions are available. However, students enrolled in the Engineer program are required to have their own DAW and certain equipment.

Are there assignments and tests? Are they mandatory?

Every class is different and every instructor has their own preferences. However, because this is not a formal institution, completion of these courses are not based on any kind of grading system. It is highly recommended that assignments are completed on time, because this will maximize your learning experience. If students do not wish to complete assignments, they are not required to do so.

Is there any way to fail a class?

While completion of a course is not based on any type of grading system, the instructor has the right to recommend whether or not a student should re-take the course. The knowledge gained from one course will be used in a later, more advanced course. In order to keep up with the information, instructors are encouraged to monitor student progress and suggest alternative plans. If an instructor recommends a student re-take a course, and the student chooses to ignore that recommendation, then Vocaversity cannot be held responsible if that student falls behind in other classes as well.

I received an invitation to a private Facebook group. Why?

Each class has their own private Facebook group so that students can communicate with each other and share ideas or assignments. These groups are by invitation only and sign-up/participation is not mandatory.

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