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The Next Evolution in A cappella Education


Certificate Programs

What is Vocaversity?

Vocaversity is an online school that offers classes in Contemporary A cappella and Vocal Jazz. Much like a college, all classes are conducted live and meet on a weekly basis. Students can sign up for certification programs or individual classes. Students can also form their own programs based on all of the classes offered.

Our Mission

The mission of Vocaversity is to educate and train students of all ages so that they may excel in the field of Contemporary A cappella.

Our Philosophy

Vocalversity will stimulate the evolution of a cappella singing by achieving the following goals:


(1) Students will be exposed to the major components of a cappella music which include arranging, recording, directing, and performing.


(2) Students will be encouraged to adopt a common language when talking about specific facets of a cappella music. 


(3) Students will be exposed to a wider, more diverse array of music. 


(4) Students will be challenged to produce a cappella music outside the status quo.


(5) Vocaversity will compel professionals to track and record a cappella information for the purposes of consistency.


Additional Services

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